20 Tricks to Tell if Hermes Bags are Real or Fake

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The 20 useful tricks to tell if Hermes bags are real or fake. This guidance is applied to most lines of Hermes bags, including Birkin, Kelly, Evelyne, Constance, etc. You can also visit the official website of Hermes and compare apply the information from this tutorial to help you check important details of the authentification of luxury Hermes bags. The easiest way to tell if a Hermes bag is real or fake is to judge by its appearance. You can check the printing of Hermes logo letters on the bags, granularity of letters on the leathers, the appearance of metal zipper, the letters carved on the metal parts, the logo printed on the dust bags, the stitches on the hands of bags, etc.

    Hermes Bags Appearance

  • The Printing of Hermes Letters on the bags

    The easiest way to tell if your Hermes bags are real or fake is to examine the Hermes letters carefully. As you can see the comparison between two Hermes bags, the upper one is real, and the lower one is fake. There are several things to check the letters. You can see that the letters "H, E, R , M, E, S" should be clearly separated without any connected dot line, but the fake one may have some blurs between the letters. That's because the fake one is using laser to cut on the metal, which may cause some blurs.

  • Granularity of letters on the leathers should be clean and tight

    If you look at the granularity of letters printed on the leathers, including "PARIS" and "MADE IN FRANCE", you can see that the real Hermes bags have the granularity of letter strokes straightly aligned and clearly printed on the leathers. However, the fake Hermes bags have the granularity of strokes not straight enough well and sometimes not cleared printed. As you can see from the picture below, the stroke of letter "H" is not straight and "MADE IN FRANCE" doesn't show in a straight line.

  • The Appearance of Metal Zipper

    • You can also check the "H" shape metal zipper to tell if your Hermes bags are reak or fake. The real Hermes metal zipper has the Matte texture rather than frictions. You can see the lower bag in the picture is fake because the Hermes metal logo is not right.
    • Also the metal zipper is real hard and if you use the bags and you can easily see the mark of frictions on the zipper. However some fake Hermes bags use the metal zippers containing other metals which makes the apperance much cleaner, you should be much more careful that the bags are fake.

  • The Letters Carved on the Metal Parts

    • You can check the "Hermes" letters carved on the metal. Real "Hermes" logos should be flattened, which means the height of each letter is less than the width, which makes it look flattened. Additionally, the metal part of "Hermes" bags is really hard, you should not see many signs of friction on the metal part on new bags.

  • The Logo printed on the Dust Bags

    • The dust bags have the printing of a "carriage" and an upper case letter "H". You can see there is a small circle connecting the upper part carriage" and the lower part "H". The dust bag shown in the picture is fake because the small circle is not round enough. These details are fundamental to tell if your "Hermes" bags are real or fake.

  • The stitches on the Hands of Bags

    • The stitches on the hands of bags should have some angles lining up. The fake bags only have straight lines of stitches, as you can see on the left part of second picture below. Also you can check the logo on the hands of bags, the color and the shape of letters are very different.