How to Tell IWC Schaffhausen Watches are Real or Fake in 20 steps

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How to Tell IWC Schaffhausen Watches are Real or Fake in 20 steps

The 20 useful tricks to tell if IWC Schaffhausen watches are Real or Fake. This guidance is applied to most series of IWC Schaffhausen watches, including IWC PORTUGIESER ETERNAL CALENDAR, IWC Pilot Watches, IWC Portofino, IWC INGENIEUR, IWC AQUATIMER, IWC CERALUME, etc. You can also visit the official website of IWC Schaffhausen ( and apply the information from this tutorial to help you check important details of the authentification of IWC watches. In this blog, we will compare two PORTUGIESER watches to show you the tricks and it's also applied to other IWC watch series. First of all, you can tell if IWC watch is real or fake by its appearance. Additionally, if you have the instruments to open the watches, you can also check the interior of watches and movement to see if they are correct and genuine with the official models.

    IWC Schaffhausen Watches Appearance

  • The Placement of the Small Dial

    If you look at the IWC wathces closely, the placement of two small dials are very easy to tell if your IWC watches are real or fake. The left dial should be closer to the left side of the watch interiors than to the center. In the picture below, the IWC watch on the left is real, but the watch on the right is fake. As you can see , the dial in on the right watch is closer to the center rather than to the interior of watches.

  • The Edge of Metal Hands and Blurs

    For real IWC watches, the edge of the metal hands should be clean, smooth and sharp, without any blurs on the edge. However, for fake IWC watches, if you look at the hands closely, you can sometimes see the small blurs on the edge of each hand. That's due to the bad process of manufacturing the fake IWC watches. As you can see from picture of comparison blow, the one on the top is a real IWC watch and the lower one is a fake IWC watch. You can easily see the edge of the hand is not smooth and there are blurs on the edge.

  • The Blue Color of the Hand Should Match (PORTUGIESER)

    • The color of the hand should match with the real IWC watches. We will give you an example of the most popular IWC model PORTUGIESER. The color of the hand should be blue and reflecting the lights very well as in the first picture. If you look at the second picture from the fake IWC PORTUGIESER watch, the color of the hands and the digit numbers are between purple and blue. That's because the color is added and painted to the hands afterwards, not using the same manufacturing process as the real IWC watch.

  • The Letters Engraved on the Back of the Watch

    • You can also tell if your IWC watches are real or fake by the letters engraved on the back of the watch. For example, the letters on real IWC watches should be engraved very deep and clear, but the letters engraved on the fake IWC watch is usually shallower and there are blurs on the edges. In the below picture, the upper one is real IWC watch and the lower one is fake IWC watch. That' because the letters on real watches is manufactured with the metals of watch back case at the same time, but the letters on the fake watches are engraved using laser afterwards.

  • Detailed Examination

  • 1. The Movement of IWC Watches

    • If you have the instruments with you or you take your watch to a professional institute, you can open the back of the IWC watches and examine the movement of watch. One thing to mention is that, not all IWC models are using self-made IWC movement. Some lower-end series of IWC watches are using the movement purchased from outside brands. As you can see from the picture below, the movement in the above is from real IWC watch and the one below is from a fake IWC watch. Real movement of IWC watch should be clean and tight on the surface and not easily get rusts. But if you see the movement of fake IWC watch, it gets rusts on the surface.

  • 2. Ripples on the Movement Surface

    • The surface of real IWC movement should have the shape of ripples, like the shape of water wave expanding. But the movement of fake IWC watches will not have this sophisticated processing. You can easily tell if your IWC watch is real or fake by checking the shape of friction on the movement.