Online AI Courses for Kids-Use generative AI to Draw Paw Patrol Dog Chase

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Online AI Courses for Kids-Use generative AI to Draw Paw Patrol Dog Chase

Hi parents and kids, this free online AI course "Use generative AI to Draw Paw Patrol Dog Chase" will gives your K12 kids a brief introduction to what is Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, what can AI accomplish (such as AI Generated Contents converting text to image, Chatbots giving automatic response), and how does AI work in the easiest way that even K12 children can understand. This course covers some fundamental concepts of AI, including what neural networks is, what's the most popular neural network blocks of AI models (Transformers, Diffusion, etc.). Finally, kids can also participate by interacting with the AI during the course, by clicking the image or text with 'robot' icon or button, and get more detailed explanation, type a query or ask question using microphone by themselves, and accomplish the task of generating a picture of unique Paw Patrol Dogs and get the trophy. This course will takes around 20 minutes to complete. And all the interactive learning sessions in the course are designed by experienced children-education professionals. Let's get started!

Instructions of Interactive Sessions

  • Click on the text or image with the robot icon for detailed term explanation
  • Click the media player icon for automatic reading of the course for your kids
  • Click the button to get AI generated language replies or images

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