• Introduction to On Device Recommendation (Edge Recommendation)

    rockingdingo 2022-12-02 #on device #edgerec #Taobao #Alipay #Meituan #Kuaishou

    In this blog, we will give you a brief introduction of most recent progress in On-Device Recommendation (Edge Recommendation) in real-world applications. Mobile AI systems and applications have been more popular due to increasing number of mobile devices and technology developments in deep learning based methods, e.g. model compression, distillation and so on. In recent years, on-device recommendations have enpowered many Mobile Apps to better respond to users' most real-time behaviors on mobile deivces, including clicks, scroll-donwns, likes, and many others. We will introduce three applications, including EdgeRec in Taobao, searchbar background words reranking in Alipay, search result reranking in Meituan-Dianping, short-video recommendation in KuaiShou, TfLite Implementation of Tensorflow, etc.

  • Knowledge Graph Link Prediction Equations And Latex Code

    rockingdingo 2022-10-23 #Knowledge Graph #Link Prediction #KG

    In this blog, we will summarize the latex code of most fundamental and popular knowledge graph (KG) Equations, with special focus on the link prediction tasks. We will cover a wide range of models, including TransE, TransR, TransE, RotatE, SME(Linear), SimplE etc. Knowledge Graph consists of a set of triples [(h, r, t)]. h and t denotes the head node and tail node respectively. And r denotes multiple relation types. One common solution to the link prediction tasks is to learn low-dimensional embeddings of entities(E) and relations (R), and infer the missing part of [(?, r, t), (h, ?, t), (h, r, ?)].