• Latex Code for MacroEconomics Formula and Equation

    rockingdingo 2023-05-14 #Economics #MacroEconomics

    In this blog, we will summarize the latex code of most popular formulas and equations for Economics-MacroEconomics. We will cover important topics, including Investment, Aggregate Expenditure Without Government or Foreign Sectors, Marginal Propensity to Consume MPC, Marginal Propensity Save MPS, Sum of Marginal Propensity to Save and Marginal Propensity to Consume, Autonomous Spending Multiplier, Balanced Budget Multiplier, Banks Reserve Ratio, Budget Deficit, Financial Account Balance, Consumer Price Index CPI, Consumption Function, Current-Account Balance, Equality of Leakages and Injections, Equation of Exchange, Gross Domestic Product GDP, Gross Domestic Product Deflator, Inflation Between Two Years, Merchandise Trade Balance, Nominal Interest Rate, Real GDP, Real Interest Rate, Tax Multiplier, Unemployment Rate, etc.