• Latex Code for Microeconomics, Economics Formula and Equation

    rockingdingo 2023-05-14 #Economics #Microeconomics

    In this blog, we will summarize the latex code of most popular formulas and equations for Microeconomics, Economics. We will cover important topics, including Allocative Efficiency Condition, Annuities Due, Average Fixed Cost, Average Product, Average Revenue, Average Total Cost, Average Variable Cost ,Compound Interest, Cross-Price Elasticity of Demand, Effective Rate, Elasticity of Supply, Factor of Production Hiring Rule, Future Value of Ordinary Annuities Marginal Cost, Marginal Revenue Product, Present Value of Ordinary Annuities, Simple Interest ,Distributive Efficiency Condition, Gini Coefficient, Marginal Factor Cost MFC, Marginal Product of Labor, Marginal Revenue, Marginal Revenue Product of Labor MRPL, Optimal Combination of Resources Condition, Optimal Consumption Rule, Price Elasticity of Demand, Price for a Competitive Firm, Production Efficiency Condition, Profit, Profit-Maximizing Output Level, Slope of the Total Product Curve, Socially Optimal Level of Output, Total Costs, etc.