• 20 Tricks to Tell if Omega Watch is Real or Fake

    fashion_watch 2023-06-18 #Omega #SEAMASTER #SPEEDMASTER #DE VILLE

    The 20 useful tricks to tell if Omega watch is real or fake. This guidance is applied to almost all Omega models, including SEAMASTER, SPEEDMASTER, DE VILLE, CONSTELLATION, etc. First of all, you can check the Omega Watch Appearance, including Metallic logo VS Paint Print Logo, Serial Number, Letters Engraved Have Clear Edges, Letters of Calendar, Movement Has Only One Claw, Shape of the Engraved Graphics, Letters engraved inside panel are deep and clear, Hands should be Sharp. Secondly, you can perform detailed examination of the Omega Movement, including popular models of 8500, 8800, 9300 movements.