• DeepNLP Equation Workspace: Manage, Edit, Share and Display Your Equations.

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    In this blog, we will introduce the DeepNLP Equation workspace, which helps users better manage, edit, share and display their equations. In the platform, users can manage their equations and latex code in a personal workspace, which enables users to create new equations (with latex code, personal tags), edit and save equations. It also creates a URL of your equation, which can be shared to the collaborators. In the following sections, we will give you the step by step instructions on how to create, edit and share an equation. Once you finish add the equation, you can copy the latex code of your equation to clipboard and paste the code to your preferred latex file system, e.g. Overleaf, etc.

  • Deep Candidate Generation (DeepMatch) Algorithm in recommendation

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    In this post, we will talk about some real-world applications of deep candidates generation (vector-retrieval) models in the matching stage of recommendation scenario. Commercial recommendation system will recommend tens of millions of items to each user. And the recommendation process usually consists of two stages: The first stage is the candidate generation(matching) stage, a few hundred candidates are selected from the pool of all candidate items. The second stage is the ranking stage in which hundreds of items are ranked and sorted by the ranking score. Then the top rated items are displayed to users.