• Stock Analysis Chatbot to Generate Professional Charts of Financial Data

    rockingdingo 2024-01-16 #stock analysis #financial charts #AIGC

    In this blog, we will introduce how to use ChatGPT stock analysis chatbot to quickly generate professional charts of financial data. A few AI techniques such as RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation), Text2SQL, and Larget Language Models (LLM) are used to help users find financial data, draw chart to compare key metrics, and adjust the color and shape of the chart using simple natural language prompts. A typical scenrio for professional financial analysts is to draw chart to compare the market capitalization, PE ratio of stocks from global market in converted currencies (US Dollars for example). This is a frequent scenario of daily workflow. The snapshots of AI generated charts is shown using DeepNLP Financial Assistant. You can try by clicking the button below the page, copy and paste the query in the chatbox and ask AI to generate charts or tables in few seconds, copy the charts to your reports or send to your manager. From the chart, we can see that on January 15th, Microsoft (MSFT) market cap reaches 2,887 Billon US dollars, and Apple (AAPL) reaches 2,874.68 Billion US dollars. Microsoft's market cap surpassed Apple and became the company of largest market capitalization in United States. The real-time stock data is from the web APIs, and converted to SQL using Text2SQL and LLM techniques.

  • 3 steps to create Financial Chatbot powered by ChatGPT Part 1

    rockingdingo 2023-11-12 #Financial Chatbot # ChatGPT # Stock Price

    In this blog, we will show you 3 easy steps to create your personal financial chatbot assistant powered by ChatGPT. ChatGPT is Large Language Model (LLM) based Artificial Intelligent service created by OpenAI company, who just released their latest Assistant API for chatbot creation. These AI assistants are very useful in financial industries. Common use cases include: Generating realtime stock price quotes, Analyzing financial data, Providing investment advices, generating summary of financial reports, etc. Keywords: Financial Chatbot, Financial ChatGPT, Chatbot Stock Price, Chatbot NYSE, Chatbot.

  • ACL2023 Hot Dialogue and Larget Language Models Papers List

    rockingdingo 2023-08-31 #ACL2023 #nlp #dialogue #llm

    This blog summarizes the latest research development of dialogue and large language models (LLM) papers published in ACL2023 conferences. This year there are total 79 papers related to dialogue in ACL2023. Most of the authors' affiliations are top research institutes (Google Research, DeepMind, Meta FAIR) and universities (Stanford, Berkeley, MIT, CMU and others).

  • Cheatsheet of Latex Code for Reinforcement Learning Equations

    rockingdingo 2022-07-18 #rl #reinforcement learning

    In this blog, we will summarize the latex code of most fundamental equations of reinforcement learning (RL). This blog will cover many topics, including Bellman Equation, Markov Decision Process(MDP), Partial Observable Markov Decision Process(POMDP), DQN, A3C, etc.